Jesús Antuárez

Founder & Director



He is a professional who has achieved success with commitment and dedication. When he started his second year in law school, he obtained the position of assistant to the president in an important US international corporation where he soon began a parallel career as a translator and, while working for the same, he earned his law degree at Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas, Venezuela in 1989. During his practice in the international corporation for a period of ten years, his responsibilities included coordinating legal matters with major national and international law firms, translating legal and technical documentation, interpreting at meetings with various government agencies and private companies, analyzing and preparing legal cases, and later -as a lawyer- the in-court and out-of-court representation of that corporation.

His experience has allowed him to serve as Legal Counselor to international corporations related with the technology and oil sectors, assisting them to get settled in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and providing constant legal advice which has implied coordinating legal matters with international law firms and foreign lawyers, as well as issuing formal legal opinions and drafting contracts of diverse nature both in Spanish and English.

At the present time, he continues his professional development, being closed to obtain a CERTIFICATE IN OIL AND GAS GLOBAL MANAGEMENT from Thunderbird School of Business (ranked as N° 1 international business school). This certificate covers all the industry´s primary value chain activities, examining the strategic, financial, and managerial aspects, and explaining the business and competitive dynamics of the world´s largest industry from the perspective of real companies and their practices. The aim of this international certificate consists in mastering the global oil and gas strategies worldwide through deep knowledge of today´s energy market in the dynamic and competitive global landscape.

With an experience preceded by constant learning and achievements over twenty (27) years of career, Jesus Antuárez offers his expertise at the service of the distinguished clients of Antuárez & Associates ensuring them optimum range of results and benefits in the oil and gas sectors of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.