The lawyers of Antuarez & Associates have an extensive experience attending the broad expectrum of legal matters of civil nature related with persons, family, and wealth.

In the contract field, we analyze the particular situation and needs of each single case to indicate the best contract form for you or your business. We actively participate in the negotiation of any type of contract. We guarantee that your contract will be unique and adapted to your particular situation and not a simple reproduction of a boilerplate. The contract reaches your hands ready to be submitted to the Notary Public or Commercial Registry or Civil Registry as the case may be. We can send you the contract via currier straight to your home or office address. 

In court proceedings, we exhaustively analyze your case to provide the best defense of your rights, interests, and actions either as a plaintiff or as a defendant.

In money collection, first we forward the necessary out of court actions to obtain payment of your credit, plus interest, and inflation adjustment; and only if mandatory, we file strong legal actions aiming such goal, requesting as well pertinent precautionary measures to secure payment.