In this field of the law Antuarez & Associates provides Legal Counseling and Technical Defense to individuals and corporations.

Individuals: Assistance, representation, and supervision in the different stages of the criminal procedure; as well as everything related with the proceedings to obtain damage reparation and indemnification.  

Criminal Risks From Corporate Management: We offer preventive, opportune, and effective legal counsel to corporations and its legal representatives and administrators aiming to protect them from confronting criminal charges derived from corporate management, since there is an increasing tendency to solve problems through criminal proceedings in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Consultations and legal opinions on criminal matters: We kindly suggest you to seek and obtain the necessary legal advice prior to taking decisions with legal implications that may affect your life, either through legal consultations or legal opinions. Upon a client´s request Antuarez & Associates issues a legal opinion consisting in a professional, serious, effective, and opportune written legal advice. In that sense we perform a detailed study of the possible situations, both current and future, plus an exhaustive analysis of the applicable law to the particular case, as well as an analysis of the case law produced by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice applied by the ordinary courts. This legal opinion has the purpose of providing you or your company the knowledge of the applicable legal frame, the different alternatives you can choose from, as well as the estimated legal results.