Antuarez & Associates offers to its clients a comprehensive and independent consultancy and assistance service in the tax, accounting, and financial fields based on a proper construance of the applicable legal frame. The services we offer aim to satisfy the needs of our clients through tailored solutions with guaranteed confidentiality, and consolidated with their strategic business objectives.

Through a comprehensive advice addressed to comply with tax obligations, our clients achieve full compliance of the formal duties set forth by the tax administration avoiding in such way problems in case of tax assessment and auditing procedures, and any other procedure carry out by the National, State and Municipal tax authorities. In case of a controversy, we also assist or represent our clients in filing administrative and judicial appeals with the competent authorities of the various regions of the country, and in filing other actions and remedies with the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy in Corporate Tax Matters.
  • Tax Reviews.
  • Tax Audits.
  • Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Assistance, Preparation and Review of Corporate Tax Returns.
  • Advice and Assistance in Tax Matters for individuals.
  • Support in Corporate Audit Processes.
  • Tax Consultation for companies and individuals, based on the legal framework and a proper financial planning.
  • Limited or comprehensive audits to companies and business groups to ensure compliance with tax obligations pertaining to:
  • Income Tax (International Tax Transparency, Transfer Pricing, Inflation Adjustment and the application of Double Taxation Avoidance Conventions).
  • Value Added Tax.
  • Municipal Tax on Economic Activities.
  • Contributions for science and technology and new investments.
  • Parafiscal contributions (Social Security, Employment Benefits System, Housing Benefits System, INCES, etc.).
  • Inheritance and Donation Tax.
  • Assistance and Advice to the taxpayer in the auditing process by the national, state and municipal Tax Administration and parafiscal entities.